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Rights and interests of GHMMA members
1. Introduce mediation agencies on GHMMA website;
2.Participate in some GHMMA-organized activities such as exchange, discussion, research, publicity and training;
3. Enjoy recommendation and referral service of mediation service pursuant to articles of GHMMA.

Obligations of GHMMA members
1. Comply with articles of GHMMA and safeguard GHMMA’s reputation;
2.Actively participate into GHMMA-organized activities to provide professional mediation service for the parties concerned;
3.The official websites of GHMMA members link with GHMMA website and release GHMMA-related information.

Conditions of joining in GHMMA
To be the member of GHMMA, the following conditions must be satisfied:
1. Provide mediation agencies of commercial mediation service for Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau in accordance with applicable law;
2. Sound reputation without any adverse records;
3. Accept and comply with the articles of GHMMA voluntarily.

Procedures of joining in GHMMA

1. Application
The mediation agencies meeting the conditions of GHMMAmember directly apply to GHMMA Secretariat.

2. Submission of documents
(1). Copies of the archives concerning the establishment of mediation agencies;
(2). Introduction to the information of mediation agencies;
(3). Mediator register and mediation rules of mediation agencies;
(4). Introduction to mediation service of mediation agencies;
(5). Other required documents.

3.Examination and approval
Through proposal of GHMMA’s chairman, examination and approval of GHMMA’s chairman meeting, the applicant can become a GHMMA member officially.